Sheriff Arpaio's big secret about Obama - Is it this connection to a former Communist Intelligence Officer named Gen. Markus Wolf?

What is the Universe shaking event AZ Cold Case Posse Sheriff Arapio talks about that will bring Obama down soon? The real birth certificate and who's on it as parents? Is it the 'Smily Face' signature left by the forger - What other documents it's been found on? - And isn't that forger former East German Communist STASI (KGB) Gen. Markus Wolf? - Who's killing off vital witnesses?
Gay Obama Newsweek JFK Center 
Fort Bragg
STASI General Wolf
"I want to be known in history as having perfected the use of (all kinds of) sex as an espionage tool." STASI (East German KGB) Gen. Markus Wolf

(Seeing any facial resemblances above?) And he did: He deliberately bred his "Manchurian Candidates" using his own genetic blend of Celiac's Disease (Makes one VERY hypnotizable, even by remote control - See that old B/W movie with Frank Sinatra) along with that of a specially selected woman, also with it. In 0bama's case, a black Indonesian woman to start to create the "Perfect (Alternative) President. Groomed and indoctrinated to be half-white, half-black, half-Christian, half-Muslin, half-straight, half-gay, half of everything... In order to infiltrate the Presidency. As for myself (MY mother was white), I was to be used in a special inheritance law precedence, in order to attack the Right To Own Property, but got scooped up by US Agencies early on. And used to go to Germany, and lure Wolf to the West. It worked. That's why 0bama's been counter-run all this time, knowingly, or unknowingly.

But buy the entire enovel for a MUCH larger and explosive true story. Also visible in the middle photo are (Head cut off) CIA Dir. GHW Bush, Ministerium Fuer Staatssicherheit Dir. Erich Mielke, SS Munthausen Concentration Camp "Doctor Death" Aribert Heim, other West German Intel Officers and spies (Like the waitress, another political higher-up MC still in place, who has since denied she was in the Army, Sarah Palin, whose face, distinctive breastbone and symptoms of genetic Celiac's Disease you might recognize).

Now what is the brilliant homosexually-based COUNTER disinformation campaign that seems so real even Conservatives are afraid it might be true? And so won't press to see Obama's real BC for who reads as "Father"? (Short version? After "Disposing" of a homosexual for my Agent Handler, Condit thought for sure, and said as much, that he now controlled the second most powerful man in the world. It actually was a FUBAR, and shouldn't have happened, but then since it had, it has been counter-exploited, since. Boehner and his kind think they've got to hide this Qcover-up at all costs...)
A true transcript
The Modus Operandi of the aftereffects of dismemberment murder I witnessed personally and was sworn can be gleaned from this transcript. And what this particular "Disposal" meant for Condit - He thought he had a PERMANENT career blackmailing the Dir. of the CIA, based on a "Homosexual Disposal!" Hence, the-since cowing of all conservative resistance to the rising of the 0bama regime. Or any criticism of his "Birth Certificate."
This I was sworn to secrecy about in Germany in 1977.
How much longer of my life has to be spent as the "Suspect?"
Why do I charge? Because spending 37 years of my life keeping these secrets had driven me homeless! And I'm not getting any younger.
If and when I do receive promised back Army pay I'll repay the food bank many times over!

by Rick A. Hyatt

Or, order BRED TO BE A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE - The WHOLE story - Of what it's like to be bred, born, and raised as one - also available at Amazon Kindle (Kindle Reader for PC is free).
Nancy Pelosi and the Socialist Democrats KNEW IT when they fudged Obama's Certificate Of Live Birth (The "Long Form") to hide the name "Father: Markus Wolf" and Presidential Authenticity Certificate! Either conveniently ignorant of what that name represented at that time, or criminally liable for hiding it. Yes, he's half-black and half-white. His mother a black Indonesian (I've had this on the internet for years!) - Researched, spotted, seduced, impregnated, and motivated by Wolf, like my mother was, to combine the Celiac's Disease genes they had, a former NAZI method. (Read what that means for an Manchurian Candidate operative...) Can you imagine what that means for the Liberals that it wasn't truly a Black Man on a White Woman, but a White Man on a Black Woman? No more bred & groomed-from-birth "Perfect Prez," an easily remote-controlled robot to do their Socialist bidding. Is it making sense, to you, yet?

- Why the Hawaii and DC Socialist Democrats are freaking out about his real Birth Certificate, the obviously forged COLB, and how even putting this groomed "Manchurian Candidate" in the Presidency has failed them in their most recent agenda to Communize America. How, when Obama's Presidency is declared invalid, so will every bill he signed, every Judge he appointed, every debt he incurred be declared NULL AND VOID. America'a economy will be reborn! Power returned to the People, after a good heaping of Socialism, which they can now throw out - Without the Police State making them keep it in place. It will take a joint Presidency until the next election, probably of the Living Presidents.

Obama is, yes, half black and half white. And yet it's clear that his parentage has been obfuscated and hidden by someone professional at doing that. But not very well. Want to know by whom, and just why?
Just like Obama, I have been through name changes, adoptions and early childhood formative experiences. They were, in fact, so modeled after WWII Nazi Concentration Camp doctors' experimentation, methods and studies into pragmatic espionage methodology such that I, like Obama, can be called a proverbial Manchurian Candidate. Now you can see that he was, indeed, bred and groomed from birth to be America's Alternative (But Communist) President in every aspect. And to expect being made President impressed upon him from very early on. Now you know why Hawaii Socialist Democrats are frantic to hide the real name as Father on Obama's birth certificate. They knew.
I was to be used for another, also nefarious, purpose concerning the Right To Own Property and the Socialization of Inheritance Rights. We share the same father, and there are other siblings. We share, quite deliberately, the same pooled genes called Celiac's Disease that are intrinsic to such creation of the Manchurian Candidate effect. Our mothers were spotted, recruited, impregnated, and motivated by former East German ;Master Spy General Markus Wolf, who knew the likes of former SS Munthausen Concentration Camp "Dr. Death" Aribert Heim, for example. General Wolf was, of course, a master also of the running, the grooming, the false documentation (Even in the bowels of US Agencies), and Legend-creation of his large spy ring.
But there is a twist. Obama's false documentations were craftily enough created Yet also deliberately spiked at the same time. While Obama was let to run his course, I was "Turned" by the CIA long ago and made to keep such secrets for the interim - But to independently reveal them when the time came right, too. I've had this, and much more in print for a very, very long time.
Now, why would US Agencies allow the Presidency to be Stewarded all this time and much more As if the Enemy had, indeed, succeeded in having taken over the Presidency at the top? That answer, and much more, you can have for as little as $4 in an instant download in a Fictitious Novel, based on fact, I call Bred to be a Manchurian Candidate, available on Amazon. com (Kindle and/or Kindle for PC, which is free), and also in paperback at It's been there quite a while. Only now has Sheriff Arpaio brought validation to my claims.

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